What It Is

Lessonator™ is a tool for creating beautiful music slideshow presentations on your Mac. It's like a mashup between Apple’s Keynote™ and Garageband™, where each slide is an animated music score. Lessonator creates and plays interactive slideshows containing 3d instruments, audio, video, notation (standard & tabs), images, diagrams and text. These slideshows are interactive because they can animate, ask questions, receive answers and track your musical progress.

For Music Teachers

  • Save time -- Prepare professional looking lessons in minutes while keeping all the material in one place: audio, video, notation (standard or staff), images and text.
  • Save money -- Instead of writing a custom lesson apps or web sites, create an interactive slideshow which can cover the same material for just the cost of Lessonator™ (59$USD). Concentrate on creating valuable content.
  • Make money -- Sell your lessons on the internet directly to your users -- no commission to 3rd party "platforms". Become an affiliate and earn a commission when users purchases Lessonator™.

For Music Students

  • Save time -- Download complete pre-made music lessons from teachers and other Lessonator™ users.  
  • Save money -- Create your own drills and exercises for you to practice over. Exchange lessons with others. 
  • Make money -- Become an affiliate and earn a commission when someone purchases Lessonator™ on your recommendation.

Buy Lessonator & Get 1 Year of FREE Music Lessons!

To celebrate the version 1.0 release Lessonator introduces the "Year Of Lessonator" subscription. Under this promotion, users who purchase Lessonator between December 17th 2013 and January 6th 2014 will receive a year's worth of FREE weekly music lessons on their chosen instrument -- guitar, bass or keyboards. This promotion is a great value and makes the Lessonator software immediately useful to everyone -- whether or not they intend on creating their own lessons. This makes Lessonator the perfect gift for Mac users interested in becoming better musicians.


Familiar Slide Interface

Slides in Lessonator look and operate just like other presentation packages, except each have a animated 3D instrument and music notation.

If you’ve ever used  Apple’s Keynote™, you already know how to use Lessonator™:

  •     Create slides (⇧⌘N)
  •     Add images, movies, music notation, tables & 2d vector images on a slide canvas. (.)
  •     Play back the presentation in full screen, showing each slide one at a time. (optionP)
  •     (T) See the 3D instrument spin in 3D!

Slide Layers

Each slide is made of 3 graphical layers: back, 3D instrument and front. This design provides a wide range of graphical possibility. Each layer can be textured and image-processed independently to achieve unique looks and effects. 

Flexible Templates

Choose amongst a flexible set of slide templates for guitar, bases or keyboards. Then select a model within your chosen instrument. Use the template as a starting point to get the look you want.


3D Instruments

High-resolution 3D guitars, bases and keyboards are generated on the fly from 2D CAD drawings. This means that your slideshow (.lesson) files remain small and very portable. All instruments can be customized using your own textures or those generated by the system.

Visual Chord Sequencing

An innovative visual chord sequencer helps you quickly define a MIDI background track for the duration of a slide. Play back the slide and see the chords being applied to the active 3D instrument - just like magic.


Interactive Exercises

Exercises let you test your knowledge by asking questions and taking in answers -- all visually using animated slide cells and 3D instruments. Test your accuracy and response time. Tabulate the result at the end of the slideshow. So much fun, you'll forget that you're actually learning!

Animate Your Tabs!

Bring your tabs to life by loading them into Lessonator. See them animate in real time as the correct finger position is shown to you in real time on a 3D instrument. You'll never go back to flat boring tabs again.


Illustrated Music Theory

Unlike simple tab or music notation players or editors, Lessonator contains music theory tables and illustrations to help you visualize what you are hearing. One picture is worth a thousand words and one animation can make those words easier to remember.